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BruinCard Recharge Order Request (ROR)

BruinCard deposits can be initiated by a UCLA department by submitting a Recharge Order Request (ROR). Funds are loaded onto a BruinCard stored value account (Easy Pay or Food Only) and can be used at BruinCard Merchant locations. Access the ROR Portal Here

If you need portal access, or experience issues using your FAU, please contact your Data Systems Administrator. Please refer to the Step-by-Step ROR Portal Instructions if you have questions about submitting a request.

BruinCard Funds Policies

BruinCard deposits initiated by departments must be spent at a BruinCard Merchant location. Some deposit types may have further restrictions.

Recipients may not request a refund or withdrawal of department funds. If deposits are unused by the cardholder, they may be refunded to the initiating department.


BruinCard Payment Policies

  • Only active members of the University are eligible for BruinCard deposits. A valid, nine-digit university identification number and full name must be provided for each recipient or the deposit will not be completed.
  • University of California Policy G-41 states non-cash awards may not exceed $75.00 per award, per employee, with a maximum of three awards per employee per calendar year. University of California Policy G-42 states that non-cash awards may not exceed $600, per individual, within a calendar year.
  • It is the awarding department and recipient’s responsibility to maintain a record of award amounts and their recipients to ensure the maximum is not exceeded. In the event an individual receives recognition exceeding these limits, it must be reported by the University via Form 1099. It will be the awarding department’s responsibility to request a Form 1099.

BruinCard Deposit Types

  • Non-Cash Award
  • House Staff
  • Meal Card Reload
  • Laundry Card Reload
  • Library Card Reload

The following deposit types require approval from the Payment Solutions & Compliance (PSC) office, please refer to the PSC web page for instructions prior to submitting the ROR:

ROR Process Map & Timeline

While the estimated time frame for BruinCard payments to be completed is up to ten business days, timely fulfillment is dependent on the department's participation and accuracy in completing the required steps.


Initial ROR Submission Department ~One (1) Business Day
ROR Review BruinCard Center ~Three (3) Business Days
ROR FAU Allocation Department ~One (1) Business Day
BruinCard Payment Processing BruinCard Center ~Five (5) Business Days