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Students walking on a walkway lined by evergreen trees. A newsstand kiosk.

your passport to life at ucla

The BruinCard provides numerous features to the UCLA Community varying from acting as your official university ID and debit card to your gym pass.

an illustrator of the UCLA BruinCard with an illustrated Joe Bruin

Your Official University ID

Use your BruinCard as your official ID throughout campus in order to gain admittance to campus events and tests.

An illustrated access card with a barcode stripe and barcode.

Access Card

Use your BruinCard to gain entry to your on-campus residence hall or any campus building you have access to.

an illustrated debit card with a red background and rectangles representing card information

Debit Card

Load your BruinCard with funds to make purchases at any BruinCard merchant, both on campus and in Westwood.

Where can you use your BruinCard?

  • A sign saying Bearwear hanging from the ceiling around various clothing options

    UCLA Stores

  • A restaurant with with the sign spelling maragume as the forefront with people sitting and standing next to a sidewalk and city street

    Off-Campus Restaurants

  • People stand outside a coffee shop with a sign saying Peet's in the window.

    On-Campus Locations

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